Zeiger to serve as Senate Republican lead on housing, state government committees

Sen. Hans Zeiger, R-Puyallup, has been appointed to serve a two-year term as lead Republican on the Senate Housing Stability and Affordability Committee and the State Government, Tribal Relations and Elections Committee.

The Housing Stability and Affordability Committee assignment positions the 25th Legislative District lawmaker to take a prominent role in policy discussions about homelessness and affordable housing. With an additional assignment to the Human Services, Reentry and Rehabilitation Committee, Zeiger said that he plans to spend time tackling issues of homelessness while improving state human services programs.

“We need creative new options to increase housing supply in the Puget Sound area and we need more accountability when it comes to our public investments in reducing homelessness,” said Zeiger.

Zeiger recently was named co-chair of the Legislative-Executive WorkFirst Poverty Reduction Task Force, an effort by legislators and executive agency leaders to reassess the state’s approach to poverty. Zeiger said it is important to distinguish between temporary “situational” poverty and ongoing “intergenerational” poverty. “We need a fresh approach to poverty that recognizes the importance of work, education and family in lifting people out of poverty and building social capital,” said Zeiger. “We also need a state human services delivery system that is more integrated into our communities. There is a lot of room for bipartisan work in this area.”  

In his role as ranking member on the State Government, Tribal Relations and Elections Committee, Zeiger will push for stronger election cybersecurity, enhanced opportunities for citizen participation in government, and more innovation across state agencies, he said.

Additionally, Zeiger will continue to serve on the Senate Transportation Committee. “While construction of the Highway 167 completion is set to begin in 2019, the 12-year project timeline is way too long,” said Zeiger. “My top transportation priority is to speed up the 167 completion timeline dramatically.”

Zeiger was elected to the state Senate in 2016 after serving six years in the House of Representatives.