Zeiger introduces bills to increase affordable housing by reducing impact fees

Sen. Hans Zeiger, R-Puyallup, introduced four bills today to increase the number of homes being built by reducing impact fees.

Senate Bill 6364 would allow local governments to reduce impact fees for smaller single-family homes that have a smaller square footage footprint.

Senate Bill 6386 would allow local governments to waive impact fees for low-income housing.

Senate Bill 6388 would prohibit a higher per-unit impact fee for multi-family housing.

Senate Bill 6387 would accelerate housing infrastructure investments by requiring that impact fees be spent within six years of receipt instead of the current time frame of 10 years or returned to the developer.

“These bills will create new options for local governments to incentivize affordable housing,” said Zeiger. “Impact fees can be a huge barrier to building more houses. If we can reduce the up-front costs, we can build more homes and create a wider tax base that would make up what we lose in impact fees.”