Letter from Olympia

Dear Neighbor,

The 2019 legislative session has come to a close. A lot happened in the final few days, and I wanted to update you on the final budget deal, which involved significant new taxes.

Taxes and Spending!

The operating budget, House Bill 1109, will spend over $52 billion in the next two years, including $800 million in new taxes. This budget was pushed through by Democratic majorities, and no Republican voted for it. Although it boosts spending on K-12 education, higher education and mental health, I believe we could have done the work that was needed without imposing dramatic tax increases on the citizens of our state. See the graphic below for more details on the 2019 session tax increases.

These tax increases were not necessary, especially since the state received unprecedented revenue and job growth. With a budget surplus, we should not have raised taxes. I voted in opposition to the operating budget.  

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