Letter from Olympia

Dear Neighbor,

This has been a busy week at the Capitol. We spent most of our time on the Senate floor debating and voting on bills that passed the House, while the House did the same thing with bills that passed the Senate. As we get closer to the end of session, lawmakers will try to pass new two-year state operating, transportation and capital budgets before the regular session ends on April 28.

Highway 167 Progress

Recently we’ve heard a lot of discussion on the completion date for State Route 167. The good news is that groundbreaking on this critical freight mobility project in and out of the Port of Tacoma will take place this year. The bad news is that the 167 completion project is a pay-as-you-go arrangement, and it won’t be finished until 2031! That’s why I am proposing an amendment to Senate Bill 5825 to accelerate the completion of SR 167 three years earlier. I am working with lawmakers across the aisle to accelerate this project and ensure that the highway is completed much sooner. Read more about this project in the Tacoma News Tribune‚Äôs editorial.

The Washington State Department of Transportation will hold a hearing for the SR 167 Completion Project at 6 p.m. on Monday, May 13, 2019 at the city of Fife Community Center (2111 54th Ave E.). Click here for more information.

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