Education Funding Update

Education funding and reforms continue to be the top issue this session. To this point, the Senate passed a comprehensive plan to fully fund and pay for the state’s public education system and implement key reforms to make it more equitable for students, teachers and taxpayers.

Our colleagues in the House passed a bill that increases spending, but maintains the status quo of a system that doesn’t work well for everyone. Equally concerning is that the House has still yet to identify a way to actually pay for the more than $7 billion cost of their plan.

More information will begin to come out next week as the Senate plans to release its new state budget plan, that will not only pay for education but all of state services. We hope the House will follow suit shortly thereafter with a proposal that demonstrates how they hope to fund our schools.

We ultimately must work together to build consensus over a bipartisan solution that does right by students.

Education Funding in Pierce County

In my previous email I shared details on the Senate’s overall education plan — the Education Equality Act.

Since then many have asked what that means for Pierce County.

Below I’ve shared both the per student funding increases for each of the school districts in the 25th Legislative District and the impact to taxpayers.

The Education Equality Act sets up student funding based on the actual needs of children in that community. As you can see under the plan each of the seven school districts see additional funding.

Moving to a uniform property tax rate instead of current local levies that see Pierce County districts paying well over the statewide average of $2.54 works out well for local taxpayers as well.