A letter from Olympia, Rep. Hans Zeiger, Feb. 03, 2012



Dear Neighbor,

This week was the cut-off for passing bills out of their respective committees for possible consideration before the full House of Representatives. Four of my bills survived the cut-off.

A highlight for my caucus this week was a groundbreaking proposal to make education our state’s top priority. House Bill 2533, which I co-sponsored, would create a separate education budget to fund education first in the state budgeting process. The Washington State Constitution, article IX, section 1, tells us that education is the state’s “paramount duty,but the recent McCleary v. State of Washington court decision says we are not living up to our responsibilities. Our proposal truly makes education the #1 priority. That’s not to say that we should simply throw money at our schools; indeed we need reforms to empower strong principals, encourage great teachers, and make the system work better for our students.

I hope you will take the time to review our proposal on our fund education first webpage.

Also this week, the State Senate passed the same-sex marriage bill, and the House will take up consideration of the bill next week. Hundreds of constituents have written and called my office about same-sex marriage. I plan to vote against the bill. I feel that I owe an explanation for this vote and will have one ready by the time I take it.

Feel free to call on me anytime at 360-786-7968 or send an e-mail to hans.zeiger@leg.wa.gov. It would be great to see you in Olympia.



Hans Zeiger
State Representative, 25th District
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